SEO Help for your Website

Experiencing problems and need some help with SEO? I may well have the help you need.

How I can Help with your Website SEO

Are you… not seeing improvements in rankings despite you working on category or product pages, or seeing rankings falling over a short period of time but not got any idea of why your rankings are going down or… simply don’t know where to start or how to SEO your web site pages? Then let me know as I can definitely help your SEO in a variety of ways.

I offer an hourly mentoring service, where I can turn detective and analyse your website, it’s rankings and performance and quickly suggest ways to fix any problems that I see that will help your keywords to improve their individual rankings. This type of help is hourly and being honest there’s not much I can bring to you if you only want an hour of help, consider giving me 2 or 3 hours and I’ll be able to highlight clear problems related to SEO that you can then tackle yourself. This is the cheapest service I provide.

Marketing your website can seem a daunting prospect but I can help by discovering what has gone wrong and helping you towards fixing it, whether I roll my sleeves up and get stuck in or I sit on the side lines and simply advise from a consultancy aspect.

Helping your SEO on a daily basis

Alternatively you can use my services for a couple of days each month, I don’t do contracts so you will not be tied in any way to a fixed period of time but on this basis you would see progress more quickly.

These days keeping your website working successfully can be plagued by hazards but it is still possible to create and maintain a successful website and sometimes all that is needed is a few simple tweaks to the SEO that is already in place.

So if you need help with SEO? please get in touch, I’m more than happy to chat about any problems you may have with SEO and give you a helping hand.

Duane, Owner @ Kashflow

Tin Solider got our website to Page 1 on Google for the most important phrase for our business (accounting software) – and kept us there


Sye, Owner @ Universal Lighting

Thanks to Ray’s advice, meticulous research and efforts the site is where it should be. I would not hesitate in recommending Ray to anyone who needs expert SEO advice


Steve, Owner @ Both Sides of the Click

Ray’s consistently gotten high page 1 rankings for these clients… rankings that, once achieved, last. That’s right, none of this “Keep paying me each month” nonsense that so many SEOs use. Once the SEO was done, it was done.


Looking forward to speaking with you!