eCommerce SEO Consultant

I provide a first class SEO consultancy service to small online businesses and large eCommerce shop owners. 

eCommerce SEO Consultancy from Tin Soldier

My consultancy service is aimed at working with you to ensure that your website performs to its maximum potential. This means working with you to obtain maximum exposure for your keywords and ensuring that your web pages are worded appropriately in order to significantly increase sales. I always work in an informative manner so you or your staff will begin to understand how I’m working and will be able to help expedite the eCommerce SEO process.

The SEO consultancy process starts with an initial appraisal of your eCommerce web presence prior to work beginning. I will check over your website, see which keywords are ranking and where they rank and note issues that I know will have a negative effect on any SEO work carried out onsite. I will inform you of my initial analysis and we can then begin to make a variety of decisions on moving forward in a positive manner.

The aim of professional search engine optimisation is to deliver high-quality, targeted traffic. So the aim of my SEO consultancy service isn’t just to drive more visitors to your site – it’s also to ensure that a larger percentage of your ongoing repeat and new visitors become paying customers.

Booking eCommerce Consultancy

Because you can book my consultancy just a day or two at a time (or even by the hour if you wish) with no long-term contract or commitment, my consultancy service is both flexible and affordable – almost a pay-as-you-go alternative to forking out large amounts of money in one go. There is no predetermined period of contract, so you can stop using my service at any time. I believe in being open with every client I work with, I’ll give you an estimate of how much time your project will need. But how much work I can get through will be governed directly by your budget.

Many of my consultancy customers choose to form a long-term relationship with me, based on regular consultations, simply because my assistance helps their businesses grow so successfully.

Duane, Owner @ Kashflow

Tin Solider got our website to Page 1 on Google for the most important phrase for our business (accounting software) – and kept us there


Sye, Owner @ Universal Lighting

Thanks to Ray’s advice, meticulous research and efforts the site is where it should be. I would not hesitate in recommending Ray to anyone who needs expert SEO advice


Steve, Owner @ Both Sides of the Click

Ray’s consistently gotten high page 1 rankings for these clients… rankings that, once achieved, last. That’s right, none of this “Keep paying me each month” nonsense that so many SEOs use. Once the SEO was done, it was done.


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